Who am I?

I am a teacher by profession and a student for life. I ask a lot of questions and try to find answers. A good, well researched piece of writing gives me the `aha’ experience.

What is this blog about?

Mass Media have an academic side . Whatever is watched on TV and films, read in the newspapers and heard on radio is a matter of study and research. I have been teaching and studying Mass Communication for the last 15 years and believe that there is a strong connection between the theory and practice of mass media, if taught well. Many media students lament the impracticality of the theory taught in class rooms. It has always been a challenge to make them believe that there can be no practice without a theoretical framework.Through this blog I would attempt to bridge the gap which media students find hard to do.

I am going to address the questions put to me by my students over the years and hopefully find some answers or raise more questions.


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